Imperial German Edged Weaponry - Volume 1

Army and Cavalry

Imperial German Edged Weaponry - Volume 1
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Imperial German Edged Weaponry - Volume 1 - Army and Cavalry
328 pages
B&W and color photos
Hard cover
31 x 23 cm
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These Imperial volume is the result of many years of arduous research on both sides of the Atlantic with several dozen advanced Imperial blade collectors making contributions. Additionally, the author's long-term relationship with key personnel in the Solingen edged weapon industry opened numerous doors in the preparation of this invaluable reference series. No one can doubt the fact that the quality of the Imperial sidearms far surpasses their subsequent mass-produced Third Reich counterparts. The author was afforded complete access to two of the most advanced Imperial edged weapon collections in the United States and one in Germany. Whether you own a single Imperial German edged weapon or have a massive collection of these beautiful artifacts, this series of references will greatly expand your knowledge and appreciation of these unique sidearms and will prove to be a must for all German edged weapon aficionados.