Original Range Rover - The Restorer's Guide

All Carburettor Models 1970-1986

Original Range Rover - The Restorer's Guide
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Original Range Rover - The Restorer's Guide to All Carburettor Models 1970-1986
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The Range Rover is a landmark of automotive design that inspired the modern breed of four-wheel-drive multi-purpose vehicles. The earlier models, as a consequence, have assumed classic status and enthusiast interest is on the increase, especially among those who admire the practical advantages of the design in its formative days. Today's Range Rover has developed into a luxury machine, but the original concept was for a vehicle that could spend its days in muddy farmyards and then be hosed out to provide acceptably refined transport for an evening at the theatre.
Original Range Rover is the essential companion to these landmark vehicles. Its aim is to reveal, in words and colour pictures, the precise specification of the Range Rover throughout the 1970-1986 production period of carburettor models with either two doors or four. Although one Range Rover may look much like another to the untrained eye, a surprising number of specification changes, major and minor, occurred over the years. No stone has been left unturned during the author's exhaustive research, which has revealed plenty of new information.
The completely correct specification, which the most discerning enthusiasts demand, can be elusive with Range Rovers, often because these vehicles have led hard lives. But help is at hand for all owners, restorers and dedicated enthusiasts. Drawing from factory records, parts lists and catalogues, as well as the accumulated knowledge of dedicated enthusiasts, this book provides a comprehensive survey of earlier Range Rovers.
Accompanying the authoritative text are 240 specially commissioned photographs of highly original vehicles, showing every permutation of Range Rover specification in remarkable detail. Besides the mainstream models, the more unusual versions illustrated include the Monteverdi four- door, the In Vogue Special Editions, and emergency vehicles used by police, fire and ambulance services.