Maserati 250F In Focus

Limited Edition of 1500 Copies

Maserati 250F In Focus
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Maserati 250F In Focus
220 pages
b&w ans some color photos
Hard cover
26 x 26 cm
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**** A Collector's Limited Edition of 1500 Copies ****

The Maserati 250F raced against Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Vanwall for Grand Prix supremacy during the 2500cc Grand Prix Formula years of '54-'60. Period photographs, including contributions from Tom March, are presented, along with engine cutaways, drawings, technical descriptions, and the chassis and race numbers of every 250F to have competed during this period.
Stories from leading drivers who raced the 250F, including Sir Stirling Moss, Juan Fangio, and Mike Hawthorn, along with Anthony Pritchard's lively text, helps bring the racing story of this iconic model back to life.