Concept, design, production and development of the road-homologated cars

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KTM X-BOW - Concept, design, production and development of the road-homologated cars
160 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
25 x 25 cm
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A tribute to the dazzling KTM X-BOW - the world's first production sports car with a full carbon composite monocoque.

To fully understand and enjoy this car it should be appreciated on many different levels: a racing car for the road, and a road car that can excel on the track; its unique composition and aerodynamic qualities; its design and aesthetics.

The X-BOW was brought to life by the virtually unlimited resources of an industrial giant steeped in motorsport, which demanded that it be technologically cutting-edge. The car was honed to perfection by arguably the finest racing car engineers in the world, for whom 'best in class' was a minimum requirement. It is an objét d'art that can race in anger, or can transport in style. It startles, it fascinates, it wins.

As Mr Toad (of The Wind in the Willows fame) would undoubtedly have said, it is "A most unusual car!" - we are lucky that this most unusual car, the KTM X-BOW, exists in our lifetime.

This book details the design and development, the build process, racing history, and what it's like to live with and maintain a X-BOW, written by joint owners and enthusiasts, with the full cooperation of the car's designers and developers.

* World's first stand-alone book on the Road-homologated KTM X-BOW cars
* All about the world's first production car with a full carbon composite monococque
* Book has been produced with full factory cooperation of KTM, Kiska and Dallara
* In-depth coverage of KTM, Kiska Design Studio, and Dallara Research and Development
* Historical review of road-racers
* Written by an owner, and detailing the experience of living with and maintaining this unusual car
* Expert opinions chapter with input from CEO of KTM Sportscars, Kiska Chief Designer, and an aerodynamicist from Dallara.
* Contributions from mechanics who have worked on the car, after market tuners, and racing drivers (amateur and professional) who have participated in the KTM X-BOW Battle race series.
* Build process of the X-BOW described in detail -- with accompanying photographs