Flying Models Collectibles & Accessories with Price Guide

Flying Models Collectibles & Accessories with Price Guide
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Flying Models Collectibles & Accessories
191 pages
color and some b&w photos
Soft cover
28 x 22 cm
0,922 kg

The dream of flight has been a rite of passage for more than three generations of boys, and model aviation continues to be one of the most wholesome and engaging activities in modern culture. This wonderful collector's book explores and identifies hundreds of fantastic items related to model aviation. More than 600 color photos illustrate engines, kits, radio control accessories, propellers, books, magazines, and other important model aviation memorabilia. The history of model aviation is documented in an engaging text full of facts and background information. Captions include detailed information about size, vintage, and current market values. At long last, treasure hunters, antique dealers, and all who have ever dreamed of flight have a clear, concise, and easy-to-use guide to model aviation memorabilia that has, until now, remained solely within the modeling community.