The Big Book of the Dolls' House

The Big Book of the Dolls' House
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The Big Book of the Dolls' House
319 pages
Color photos
soft cover
30 x 21 cm
1,175 kg

Veteran dolls' house maker, expert on all things miniature, and prolific author Jean Nisbett presents a comprehensive volume that brings all the elements of her previous work together. The result: a complete guide to the making and furnishing of all kinds of dolls' houses, large and small, from the leading writer in the field. Incorporating practical advice, expert tips, and inspiring profiles of top artisans, it covers both the standard 1/12th scale and the increasingly popular 1/24th. And there's an incredible range of styles, from fabulous palaces and elegant mansions to country cottages and Shaker homes. Breathtaking photos display imaginative decorations, period rooms and room boxes, holiday settings, outdoor scenes, and charming collections of diminutive china and other trinkets.