Icons - Masterpieces of Russian Art

Icons - Masterpieces of Russian Art
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Icons - Masterpieces of Russian Art
191 pages
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Hard cover
34 x 26 cm
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This important book on icons dating from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. These sixty icons from the Kolomenskoye State Museum are presented with full descriptions of their origins and symbolic meanings written by a leading specialist in Old Russian art. This lesser-known collection shows the evolution and development of Russian iconography through its themes, styles and details - for example, historical figures such as Peter the Great featured in the battlefield on one of the intercession icons. These images are at once powerful and moving, engaging the observer in the story depicted in the painting or drawing the eye to a face that seems to look directly out at the viewer. This book provides a fascinating insight into the world of the mysterious and beautiful icons. This book is a valuable resource for art historians, scholars of religious practice, and collectors of icons.