Action Figures - Field Guide

Batman, G.I.Joe, Star Trek, Star Wars, Super Powers, Turtles .......

Action Figures - Field Guide
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Action Figures - Field Guide
510 pages
color photos
Soft cover
13 x 11 cm
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From G.I. Joe to the X-Men nothing has fueled more hours of childhood fun than action figures, but the excitement of action figures also drives one of the largest growing areas in toy collecting. This pocket-sized guide with its 250+ stunning color photos and up-to-date values gives collectors a handy and reliable resource. This action-packed field guide: *Offers collectors looking to buy or sell in the more than 110,000 online action figure auctions easy access to identification and value information *Provides collectors with detailed color photos, identifying descriptions and history on some of the great action figure toys *Allows experienced collectors to easily introduce their favorite hobby to would-be collectors