The Handbook of Vintage Cigarette Lighters - Price Guide

The Handbook of Vintage Cigarette Lighters - Price Guide
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The Handbook of Vintage Cigarette Lighters
176 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
23 x 15 cm
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Extraordinary cigarette lighters can be found in the strangest of places-in a garage sale, at a swap meet, perhaps even in your own basement. This convenient, revised and updated handheld guide introduces a history of lighters through a comprehensive, alphabetical presentation of styles, organized according to company name and dating from the late 1800s through the 1980s.Well-known makers such as Dunhill, Ronson, Evans, Scripto, and Zippo are included, as well as unusual lighters from lesser known companies. Never before has a book shown such variety of lighters with this much detail and color: over 800 lighters are illustrated along with current updated market values, along with over 35 new images. Whether you are a collector of lighters or interested in design, this book will give you insight into the style, beauty, and value of cigarette lighters. And once you start collecting, it may be hard to break the habit!