American Compacts & Vanity Cases

American Compacts & Vanity Cases
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American Compacts & Vanity Cases
246 pages
color photos
Hard cover
28 x 22 cm
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Laura M. Mueller, author of two volumes of the Collector's Encyclopedia of Compacts, Carryalls & Face Powder Boxes, is back with a new title. Though written on the same subject as her previous books, this new book is unique. It is largely an overview of American compacts, with just a few European examples for interest, accented with museum pieces and backed by years of research. Readers will learn about Richard Gaige and his works, Rex, and collections of Volupté, as well as pieces that are real 'knockouts,' items that reflect what most people think of when they think of American compacts. The idea for this volume began with a Volupté compact from the Richard Gaige family, and the book presents the definitive biography of Gaige, the major designer for Volupté. Descriptions, sizes, and pertinent facts about every compact showcased are presented, and there are more than 200 dazzling full-color photographs.