Late 18th & 19th Century Textiles

Late 18th & 19th Century Textiles
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Late 18th & 19th Century Textiles
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Late Eighteenth & Early Nineteenth Century Textiles presents a selection of pieces chosen for their beauty, their elegance and their relevance to the history of textile design. The focus is on furnishing textiles that illustrate the tremendous shift in taste from the restrained Neo-Classical style of the late 18th century to the imperialistic, utterly luxurious fashions of the Napoleonic era and beyond.

Europe and America experienced rapid changes in interior decoration throughout the 19th century, due in part to the radical social changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution. Flamboyant nouveau riche taste flourished throughout the western world, encompassing spirited revivals of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Islamic styles and designs by talented figures such as Owen Jones, Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, Christopher Dresser and William Morris.

One of the earliest textiles featured is the Verdures du Vatican, designed by Jean-Demosthene Dugourc for King Carlos IV of Spain in 1799. Elsewhere there is a brocaded silk and metal satin rosette and medallion chair seat cover by Grand Frères for Cartier et Fils, 1808-15, the design of which was re-woven for Jacqueline Kennedy's 1962 refurbishment of the White House. The book features many more pieces of great beauty and extremely high quality.