Discovering Antique Phonographs 1877 - 1929

Discovering Antique Phonographs 1877 - 1929
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Discovering Antique Phonographs 1877 - 1929
234 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
29 x 22 cm
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Out of attics and barns, out from under the dust of a century, out of collections far and wide come these spectacular survivors of the phonograph's early years. In 1996, the authors began writing a history of recorded sound. After two successful books, they have continued traveling, researching and documenting these wonderful machines. Few could have imagined how much remained to be discovered! Out of these further explorations, this gorgeous new book has come to life-illustrating entirely different talking machines. Through over 400 beautiful color illustrations, follow the progress of the acoustic talking machine from its crude beginnings in the 1870s to its most splendid and sophisticated heights in the early 20th century. An unparalleled archive of rare, fascinating, and previously undocumented objects has been assembled. The story behind the beautiful, bright machinery is told through clear and insightful descriptions, revealing many previously unpublished facts.