A World of Antique Phonographs

Autophone, Columbia Phonograph Company, Edison, Johnson Eldridge, Pathé, Victrola ......

A World of Antique Phonographs
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A World of Antique Phonographs
224 pages
color photos
Hard cover
28 x 22 cm
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Enter the fascinating and beautiful world of antique phonographs. Brimming with visual delights, this volume boldly goes into the priceless collections of dedicated enthusiasts from around the globe, documenting the amazing rarities and charming curiosities of the phonograph. In this, their eighth collaboration for Schiffer Publishing, the award-winning authors have assembled over 400 full-color images of historic music machines, many never before photographed. The substantive text and captions add much previously unpublished information. Vibrant wood, shining brass, and fanciful decals are only the beginning. Wicker, glass, leather, gold leaf, and even seashells are to be found on some of the amazing antique phonographs within these pages. For those new to this field, a price guide, glossary, and bibliography are included. Advanced collectors will appreciate the wealth of newly-revealed details.