Charles Schneider - French Art Deco Glass

Le Verre Français, Charder

Charles Schneider - French Art Deco Glass
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Charles Schneider - French Art Deco Glass
288 pages
Magnificent color photos
Hard cover
30 x 22 cm
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English & ajouté un livret avec traduction en Français

This beautiful luxury publication is informative, easy to read and features a wealth of colour illustrations. Almost 300 pages telling the life, times and oeuvre of Charles Schneider (1881-1953): a pioneer who with the shapes and colours of his glass creations and his modern expressivity ushered in Art Deco.
A brief biography brings to life Schneider's early years and artistic ambitions, his design work for Daum and his predilection for engraving medals and semi-precious stones, an art which proved very useful in later life.
A short history presents the Verreries Schneider S.A., where his brother Ernest played an important role as financial director. The firm had two production lines: Schneider and Le Verre Français. The technique of glass etching and engraving, as well as the use of coloured powder, marqueterie and luster glass are explained. The artistic experiments and constant search for new techniques in the laboratory are fascinating. And of course the authors discuss style, the development from Art Nouveau to Art Deco with its austere lines, patterns and decorations.
This biographic and technical tale is illustrated by period photographs of the family and the factory as well as many original designs. All the designs are by Schneider's hand, as he himself drew all the glass shapes and flower and fauna for his objects.
The authors were especially privileged in being allowed to research the family archives and thus discover new information. For instance, the hitherto unknown design and pictures of Schneider's Salon de la Société des Artistes Français entry: La Toilette, a bronze medal and a cameo assembled in a frame. But the highlight of the book is obviously the hundreds of beautiful colour photographs of these desirable objects, each with a caption explaining what makes the object so special.