Louis-Philippe Möbel // Furniture

Wardrobes, Display Cabinets, Vertikos, Chests of Drawers, Secrétaires, Chairs, Desk, Tables, Sofas

Louis-Philippe Möbel // Furniture
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Louis-Philippe Möbel // Furniture
223 pages
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Louis Philippe furniture is elegant and courtly in appearance with fluid curvilinear forms. Its playful and lively contours may also be viewed as a reaction to its predecessor, Biedermeier, which was linear and austerely simple. Changes in the courtly style after which Louis Philippe furniture is modelled were based on economic considerations that made it affordable for the middle classes. The Louis Philippe style - named after the French "Citizen King" - reigned supreme in middle-class interiors between 1850 and 1870.

A comprehensive catalogue section documents more than 40 different furniture types in over 600 illustrations showing Louis Philippe furniture and clocks ranging from what is frequently encountered on the antiques market through rare, fine and museum-quality pieces. All objects are precisely annotated in the catalogue section respecting type, date, wood and finish.