Flemish 17th Century Lacquer Cabinets

Flemish 17th Century Lacquer Cabinets
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Flemish 17th Century Lacquer Cabinets
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Seventeenth century Flanders was a cultural hotspot for both the fine and decorative arts. With well-established ports in Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent, it became an important transit region for both the export of local produce and the import of highly ornamental luxury products and valuables, such as lacquer boxes and ornamental lacquer cabinets imported from the Orient. These oriental high-gloss items, richly inlaid with wood and intricate mother of pearl motives, were built to stand the test of time. As the demand for these luxury items increased, Flemish craftsmen mastered the skills and techniques and created their own lacquer tradition. They didn't merely imitate Oriental lacquer decoration, but designed a peculiarly Flemish lacquer style that has long been overlooked in art history.