The Art and Tradition of Beadwork

The Art and Tradition of Beadwork
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The Art and Tradition of Beadwork
256 pages
Color photos
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From a beaded dress found in an ancient Egyptian tomb to the beaded fringe on a 1920s Parisian flapper's hem, humans throughout history have used beading as a way to express, adorn, and tell a story. Bol explores beadwork across the world and through the ages, showing how beading has taken on many different styles, forms, and purposes for different cultures. She looks at children's clothing, puberty ceremonies, burials, emblems of social status and leadership, festivals, and many other cultural occasions that involve the use of beadwork.

Images of artifacts and heirlooms as well as photography of people and their beadwork enhance the scholarship of this book for a beautiful, enlightening addition to art, history, multicultural collections everywhere.