Domestic Aesthetic - Household Art 1920-1970

Domestic Aesthetic - Household Art 1920-1970
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Domestic Aesthetic - Household Art 1920-1970
359 pages
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Houseware design has succeeded in bringing together two worlds usually seen as contradictory: art and mass production. The mass-produced objects sleek and anonymously uniform have left their mark on their age through the technology applied, the materials used, the forms invented as well as their practicality, whether real or apparent. Household objects are true reflections of the period in which they were conceived, created, manufactured, promoted and sold to the masses, objective expressions of modernity, consumption, ways of life. Omnipresent, practical, often inexpensive, these objects have become commonplace, worthless to our jaded consumers' eyes; they have become 'invisible'. This book wishes to render justice to these everyday objects conceived by and for man but manufactured exclusively by machines.