Collecting World Coins - Circulating Issues 1901-Present

Collecting World Coins - Circulating Issues 1901-Present
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Collecting World Coins - Circulating Issues 1901-Present
1101 pages
b&w photos
Soft cover
28 x 21 cm
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Over a century of circulating coins! From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Collecting World Coins, 1901-Present, offers the most comprehensive country-by-country, fully illustrated listing of 20th and early 21st century coins used in everyday commerce on the market. The perfect reference for beginner to expert collectors and dealers interested in circulating coins found around the world, the new edition features complete coin descriptions and more than 18,500 actual-size illustrations to assist in making positive identification.

Each detailed listing includes:
* Dates, mintmarks and mintages.
* Metal of issue.
* Actual silver weight or actual gold weight to determine bullion value.
* Current market value for more than 500,000 listings.

With this 14th edition of Collecting World Coins, you will be able to value your collection as well as see modern world history unfold through changes in governments, monetary system reforms, inflationary periods and wars as recorded in international circulating coinage.