Vaudou / Voodoo / Vudù

Vaudou / Voodoo / Vudù
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Vaudou / Voodoo / Vudù
253 pages
B&W and Color photos
Hard cover
31 x 24 cm
1,920 kg
French, English and Italian

After roaming the roads of Asia for thirty years, the Belgian photographer Jean-Dominique Burton set out to take portraits of the great kings of Burkina Faso, and thus discovered West Africa. It was in this context that he also came to learn about Voodoo culture. He found a fascinating world of rituals and legends, frequently symbolized by abstract shrines-a subtle mix of sculpture, painting and installations worthy of the most prestigious contemporary art galleries. The striking photographs of Jean-Dominique Burton presented in this book delicately lift the veil on this ancient and powerful form of spirituality and humbly show what is hidden behind it in all its grandeur and mystery.