The Terracotta Soldiers of the First Emperor

The Eternal Army

The Terracotta Soldiers of the First Emperor
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The Eternal Army - The Terracotta Soldiers of the First Emperor
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An up close look at one of the most extensive burial monuments ever discovered-the funeral complex of Qin Shi Huang-and its terracotta soldiers. A vast "army" of over 7,000 terracotta statues of soldiers surrounds the tomb of the first emperor of the Qin dynasty in the Shaanxi province in north-western China. These vigilant soldiers have been on duty for 2,000 years, but does anyone know what sort of ruler Qin Shi Huang was? Why did his tomb have to be guarded by a mysterious army? Was Qin Shi Huang so power-hungry he sought control even over the spirit world? Why did he feel compelled to defend himself even in the next life? Using the mausoleum structure as a key, the splendidly illustrated book answers many of the questions that have intrigued travellers, archaeologists, and students of Chinese culture since the site was discovered in 1974. This lavish, powerful volume explores the life and times of the man who founded a dynasty that would continue to the dawn of the 20th century. It gathers the most recent archaeological data with photographs taken on site expressly for this book-accompanied by essays from archaeologists and experts in Chinese art and history. What emerges is a profile of one of China's most powerful, legendary figures and a new view of one of Asia's most spectacular tourist attractions.