Small China - Early Chinese Miniatures

Small China - Early Chinese Miniatures
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Small China - Early Chinese Miniatures
303 pages
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Small China presents Chinese miniatures from 5,000 BCE up to the fifteenth century. The pocketsize representations of supernatural beings, people, animals, or everyday objects are virtually uncharted in East Asian crafts-even in China, these objects in jade, bronze, ivory, and porcelain are little known.
Koos de Jong explores their arcane meanings and traces their production and the market for such treasures, which, contrary to official secular and religious art, include those devoted to taboo subjects such as erotica or humor. The miniatures had many different functions, from insignia, fetishes and devotional objects to burial gifts or toys. They could express good wishes or even serve as bribes.
A rare glimpse into the everyday life of ordinary people and into Chinese handicrafts from thousands of years ago!