Netsuke 7 - 3 Volumes

Netsuke 7 - 3 Volumes
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Netsuke 7 - 3 Volumes
928 pages
Color photos
Hard cover in slipcase
31,50 x 21 cm
5,170 kg

Volume 1 - 320 pagina's :
* Foreword
* Kyoto
* Osaka
* Edo

Volume 2 - 464 pagina's :
* Owari : Nagoya, Tsu, Gifu, Hida, Yamada
* Provincial centers: Tamba, Iwami, Iwashiro, other provinces
* Lacquer
* Metal
* Unclassified
* Unsigned: invory; wood; laquer; metal; pottery, other ...

Volume 3 - 144 pagina's :
* how to read Japanese characters
* Index of Japanese Artists
* Index by Artist & Subject
* Glossary of Japanese terms
* Bibliography

The Title "Netsuke 7" is an allusion to the seven collections that are at the core of this study.

The book is divided into chapters, each dedicated to one school; the chapeters themselves are subdivided by subjects: FAUNA, FLORA, HUMAN and LEGEND, OBJECTS and MASKS.

Each netsuke's picture is accompanied by a very short notice describing it, the pictures are far more explicit than words!
There is a list of all the artists who carved the subjects illustrated (specified in invory or wood).and on the left-hand side of each page there is a column recapitulating the numbers of pieces in each collection.