Allen's Authentication of Ancient Chinese Ceramics

Allen's Authentication of Ancient Chinese Ceramics
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Allen's Authentication of Ancient Chinese Ceramics
340 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
31 x 22 cm
1,895 kg

The focus of this book is primarily on the authentication and dating of ancient Chinese ceramics, covering the 5,000 years from the Neolithic period to the Ming dynasty, using techniques and visual indicators which the author has learned in his 23 years of collecting and dealing in these wares.

With over 776 full color illustrations of both genuine ceramics and fakes being sold as genuine, Allen claims that with this book in hand, fakes should not be so much of a problem, but a challenge for the future. The majority of the prices sold by his business have their selling prices stated, providing a unique visual indicator of authentic ceramics, and an interesting price guide as well.

Never one to suffer fools, the author's commentary will undoubtedly offend some quarters of the Asian art world, but collectors for generations to come will thank him for his advice on detecting the bane of every collector's life; the Chinese ceramic fake made intentionally to deceive.