Adoration and Glory - The Golden Age of Khmer Art

Adoration and Glory - The Golden Age of Khmer Art
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Adoration and Glory - The Golden Age of Khmer Art
495 pages
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Hard cover
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Adoration and Glory is a celebration of the artistic achievements of the Khmer peoples who founded Cambodia. The stone, bronze, silver, and gold objects discussed are drawn from major museum and private collections in Cambodia, Great Britain, Thailand, and the United States.
Filled with fresh interpretations of Khmer art, with many examples previously unpublished, the book is a detailed, lavishly illustrated and groundbreaking study of Khmer culture. The authors provide a concise but comprehensive history of the Khmer peoples, setting their artistic output in its cultural and geographical context. Clear maps support the illustrations and text. Of special interest are Tantric Hindu and Buddhist images, Khmer art forms that are rarely discussed.
The results of technical examinations of many artifacts by a leading museum scientist, Dr. Pieter Meyers, provide information about manufacturing techniques that are seldom addressed in studies of Khmer art, adding to the book_x0012_s value in an age when the authenticity of unexcavated material is often in question. Adoration and Glory is an important resource for art historians and collectors, and all those interested in the cultures of Southeast Asia.