More Porcelain Enamel Advertising

More Porcelain Enamel Advertising
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More Porcelain Enamel Advertising
160 pages
Color photos
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In the collectibles world, this durable antique art form is a perfect example of the old "forest for the trees" maxim. Despite their bold designs and colors, only recently have collectors caught on to the value of these antiques of Americana. And the hunt is on. Once posted in every corner of the nation, this durable art form has yet to shed its luster. At the turn of the century, porcelain enamel signs became a standard form of advertising, and they maintained their dominance until the 1970s. Taken down and tucked away, these signs are starting to re-emerge, more valuable than ever. As you page through hundreds of rich color photographs of the signs, learn everything, from how they were made to who was making them, and how many hundreds of dollars they're worth today.