66 on 66 - A Photographer's Journey

66 on 66 - A Photographer's Journey
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66 on 66 - A Photographer's Journey
142 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
25 x 29 cm
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As the highway that opened up the West to millions of travelers since its construction in the 1930s, Rte. 66 is an iconic road that has been celebrated in story, song, films, and more. Justly known as "The Mother Road," this highway became the vital path for travelers, tourists, and fortune-seekers. However, after the advent of the superhighway and the Interstate system of the 1950s, Rte. 66 gradually fell out of use, leaving behind fascinating relics of a bygone era-roadside attractions, marvelous kitsch, storefronts, and the great neon artifacts that still light up the night along the highway. Terrence Moore has traveled and photographed this road since he first drove it with his parents in the 1960s. Though he has covered this subject for more than 40 years as a professional photographer, never before has his work been collected in book form. This volume highlights 66 of his finest 35mm color film images-a stunning chronicle of this storied road in states from Missouri to California.