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More Smurf® Collectibles - Price Guide

More Smurf® Collectibles - Price Guide

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€ 24.00

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More Smurf® Collectibles
160 pages
color photos
Soft cover
23 x 15 cm
0,493 kg

Since 1958 the Smurfs have captivated the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. They were born in Brussels and came to the American market in 1979. From their mushroom houses in the medieval forest, they made their way into millions of homes worldwide through television and a myriad of products that bore their image. These objects instantly became collectible, and this new book by Jan Lindenberger, one of America's most prolific authors about twentieth century collectibles, catalogs many of them with color photographs, useful information, and current market values. It follows her much-praised earlier book, Smurf Collectibles. This new book includes jewelry, books, figurines, toys, games, puzzles, clothing, paper products, and many other Smurf items. They are all illustrated in wonderful color, with helpful descriptions and current market values. This book is a must for all serious Smurf collectors.